Cities In India That Have Made Successful Entrepreneurs


India has given big ideas and successful entrepreneurs from manufacturer to exporter where their hunger for success, determination, consistency and vision make it happen for them. Do not take too lightly the challenges faced by them of doing any business in India like bribery, not serious attitude, red-tapism, slow process, leg pulling, unreliable government decisions and many other.  But they learned from the challenges and find the balance as every place has its own ups and downs. Here are some success stories of entrepreneurs from small cities in India.

1. Vinod Khutal is a computer science graduate; he grew up in Indore, and later was a game designer in Gameloft. In 2009 he founded Twist Mobile and develops several apps for Android and iPhone. Now, his company is first Asian Company with more than 10 million downloads.

2. Rohit Bhatt is from Karnataka, grew up in Udipi, and graduated in Computer Science. Initially he was with Japanese company making Mac Products. Working with Japanese Company he got inspired and started his own company Robosoft, which develop utility apps like Camera Plus and games such as Wordsworth.

3. Dilafrose Qazi grew up in Kashmir. While studying in Government College she worked on her business skills and eventually set up an engineering college, where she started with some part time courses for women. Despite of all the difficulties she also started a sister college in Haryana so that the next generation could have better source of livelihood.

4. C.V. Jacob is from Kolencherry a small town in Kerala, his father use to work in Construction Company. Jacob started his career from resin industry. While working there he had a trip to Japan where it exposed him to spice extracts and oleoresins. After returning he took training in Mysore from Central Food Technology Research Institute and started his own firm Synthite, now the world’s biggest company in Oleoresins.

5. Vibek Deshpande and Kirit Joshi both was students in an engineering college in Nagpur and there they started their journey by selling study notes for engineering students as VK publications. Afterward they put up a workshop for office furnishings where Canadian and German companies guided them to start Spacewood. It’s a development for modular kitchen.

6. Sandeep Kapoor is from Jodhpur where he worked in his family business of Photo Studio. Later, he worked in ITC and got exposure from China and Russia perfume business. He perceived the scope in India so he returned and started his own Perfume Station in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

7. Muruganantham from Coimbatore, he started his journey of career with lots of practical wisdom and developed a mechanism to make napkins at minimal cost, for this he also faced criticism from his family. His piece of equipment was taken by an entrepreneur to make and sell napkins all over the world.

8. Chandrasekhar Sankurathri grew up in Andhra Pradesh and turned out to be a famous researcher in Canada. He lost his parents at young age and his child and wife in an aircraft crash. After this incident he came back to Kakinada and put up the Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology and converted his agony and loss of losing his whole family into a flourishing societal enterprise. 

9. Bahadur Ali born and brought up in Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh. At an early age he got himself into the business of poultry, because his father died and nobody was there to look after the business. This business led him to produce soya bean processing, a larger source for protein. His company The Broiler Group is a famous enterprise with annual turnover of Rs.2, 200 crores.

10. Parakramsinh Jadeja born and brought up in Rajkot, Gujarat. He was doing extremely well in chess and cricket. But his interest was in lathe technology so he got into CNC machines and with Siemens partnership he exposed to various machine tools fairs and came out with Jyoti CNC, one of the largest producers of machine gears in India. 

These entrepreneurs create their own destiny as creation gives the best accomplishment and satisfaction. Do not go after the easy money and comforts but try to understand the values of money and earn it by overcoming the challenges.

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  • Informative article.
    I was not knowing many of these successful entrepreneurs are from India.
    Keep Writing Deepak Babu! I admire your articles.

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