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While E-commerce is the biggest part of shopping market in India, affiliate or performance marketing is also on the rise. If we see the increment in numbers of E-commerce users in last few year, that is tremendous and it is increasing like a rocket in the sky with a great momentum. The market size of this business could be compared with an ocean because of the day by day increment.

The Indian affiliate marketing space is growing exponentially as it provides an opportunity to users to save their Hard-earned money without any bargain or anything. FlipPaisa comes under the Top-5 Indian Affiliate marketing startups. FlipPaisa had driven sales of more than Rs. 1 Crore for its partner retailers in the past four months.

Hariom Meena, founder of FlipPaisa.com, managed to generate total revenue of Rs. 25K in 2010 with the idea of affiliate/referral marketing at the age of 16, but he can’t continue it at that time due to studies.

When it comes to shopping, most Indians love to strike a hard bargain and prefer to shop where they can negotiate a good discount on a product or service. But that is not possible in E-commerce.

To solve the above problem, in 3rd year of his graduation he came up with the modified version of that idea, FlipPaisa, with the motive of Dil Maange More!!!

FlipPaisa is a start-up that provides an opportunity to save money in the form of cashback on online transactions made at their partner stores, like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Jabong and 250+ others. FlipPaisa also provides various types of coupons to allow users to get instant discounts.

In a mutual beneficial way, their partner stores gain higher traffic & they return some commission back to FlipPaisa. They share this commission with their users in the form of Cashback. FlipPaisa was founded in Oct’2014. It has completed about a successful year.

‘We are total five students from IIT Jodhpur, in the team FlipPaisa. We all have bootstrapped this company had not took any investment so far. We had successfully managed to make 10 million Rupees transaction via us in past four months, clocking 250+ transactions daily.”, says Hariom.

The way FlipPaisa has grown in past few month there is no doubt it will soon grow much more bigger than this. They are expecting 10 Million customers by the end of next year.

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