How Entrepreneurs Maintain The Balance Between Travelling & Working


Nowadays, the entrepreneurs are facing the most difficult demand to maintain a balance between workload and busy travel schedule. Sometimes entrepreneurs have to travel once in a week.  They have a demanding travel schedule and they know there aren’t enough hours in the day. Entrepreneurs have to be productive even when they are travelling. Here are some tips to be more efficient while travelling.

1. Entrepreneurs have to plan their weeks in advance to save them from deadlines, stress and untold problems. If you are travelling for the entire week it is better to plan the week in advance on the Sunday. There should be an hour by hour schedule for you and for your teammates outlining the top priorities that need to be accomplished in the entire week.  It is better if you put it all on paper barring the unforeseen circumstances. With the help of prior planning you can avoid the distractions that give you the mental calmness that the situation is under control. Make sure that you stick to the most important priorities task list all week.

2. As all the planning for the entire week is done in advance on paper. Delegate all of that you need your team to get done before the week starts. By doing this you are actually saving yourself with a whole lot of time and energy for the entire week. Sending beforehand instructions will be easier for your team to plan and organize the whole week. As the delegation of responsibilities is done now comes to measure the guidance and instructions. It is preferred that the instructions you give are clear to them and they don’t come back to you for clarifications.

3.      While travelling the most valuable time for an entrepreneur is early mornings. This could be as early as 4.30am. The most productive and impactful hours are before 9 am for entrepreneur after that the phone starts ringing and the staff needs attention. Utilization of that time can actually make the rest of your day a lot less stressful. Set expectations with your clients and co-workers that you are available for a limited time while travelling is priority.

4. Make the to-do list for the task that needs to be done as soon as it arises, because while travelling you will not be able to complete every single task on time. The list will help you to go back to them later and complete them whenever you have time. Using a to-do system can actually help you to focus on the current work. For example if you are in a middle of a conference when the new task arises, add it to your list and go back to your present doing. Now during early mornings or when you are at hotel/home or late evenings try to complete the task.  This will not divide your attention.

5. Utilize the time when you are at airplane. The longer the duration the better for you as your phone will not be ringing and you have nothing but the time for you to work on the task that you have been putting on hold for days because of the busy schedule. As you are not disturbed by any social media or text, this is the time to tackle tasks that require extensive planning, reading and writing. Some of your classic creation can happen while on airplane. Don’t waste that time listening music, reading magazine and watching movies.  

Business travel is chaotic but requires discipline, calmness and patience. Stay focused on your top priorities and set boundaries as most of the seasoned entrepreneurs also face trouble hopping from city to city but doesn’t worry about what you missed instead take benefit of the time to get ahead.

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