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The education sector has been a promising one in India since the last 2o years and is expected to rise further with advancement in technology. With the increase in students the demand for quality education has also risen. What is also required is better counselling facilities for students. The founders of Love Chopra and Surabhi Dewra created this Startup to help the Indian students find better answers to their career related queries. The Noida based portal provides counselling though IVR telephone and emails. The USP of the portal is their nominal pricing of Rs. 400-500.

The Team: The portal consists of a network of career counselors that provide opinions to students regarding their career choices.  This portal connects the career counselors to the students and also provides psychometric analysis that helps the students in making informed decisions.  

The Market: The educational counselling market is been expanding and has good future prospects.  The educational Startup ventures have been trending recently and the infusion of investments and technology in the sector is slowly helping in the emergence of a whole new sector – Education and Communication.

The Product: Meracareerguide offers career related counselling by addressing the fundamental issues that other similar ventures do not address. The students are made aware of the new possibilities in the industries and the new trades that may meet their interests. The portal also offers career tests that judge the candidates’ personal skills and interests. The portal attracted close to 50000 customers in the first few months of their launching the venture.

Value Proposition: The most unique part of the venture’s services is the psychometric tests that are employed to determine the personal skills and capabilities of the students. Career related advice by the expert counsellors enhances the commitment of the company to provide a brilliant career to its users.  This idea has made the portal popular with the students and has increased the value of the company. This inspired the founders to seek funding for expanding the venture.

Funding: This Education and communication sector has grown in widespread terms and has recently attracted a lot of investment. For, the turning point came with the investments from UTV Group, Rajesh Tekriwal and Vishal Gondal, the founder of Indiagames. With the growing interest of investors in the venture and growing funding, the venture is now getting better means to grow.

Challenges for the venture: The venture is trying to create a complete new category for itself that may help it create a brand value for itself. But this also adds to their challenges like dearth of connectivity and building a positive attitude towards the company’s methodology.

The primary competition for the venture would be the individual career counsellors who have better recognition and trust in the market. What Meracareerguide aims to achieve is a systematized network of career counsellors who provide tailor made guidance and mentorship services. This could become the unique selling proposition for the venture in the future.

Although the educational sector has seen a lot of creative business ideas yet each of this Startup has its own specific offering. Recent developments in the industry have greatly increased the prospects of ventures in the industry.

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