How To Narrate Your Small-Business Story


When it comes about the story to tell, many people clearly articulate why they do and what they do. What is the importance of storytelling; well it is a marketing tool that will create the perfect brand and has a far reaching impact in customer’s lives. It is important in today’s competitive world as there are thousands of brand lying for attention. Big companies have big money for advertising whereas small company’s powerful marketing device is its story. Storytelling makes you unique to be seen and heard because people love to hear a well told story. But how you should go for that, here are few pointers that give your business the leverage of a well-constructed brand history.

Everyone likes to pay attention to the story when there is a hero involved. Knowing your story is very important because that makes you stand out in a different way. It could be a plain stated statement telling about how you formed business and what your company is about, but the real story telling is to understand what makes your company unique. Do mention things like how you overcome the barriers in the early days and what lesson you learn from to make it a compelling tale. These factors will shape your brand’s image in the minds of your customer. Listening to the story may actually help the audience to see the kinder side of the business. Another part in story telling is to tell about your product’s story, how it was constructed, reason behind why it was made and so on.

To be a good story teller you must have a persuasive voice to capture your audience attention and engage them into the emotional level. Keep it simple and do not stroll. Made up stories hardly ever hit the chord and customers are smart enough to make out the difference. To avoid this let your real self shine through your story telling. Engaging your listeners into your story is as helpful as alluring them with your product.

Once the framing of the story is done now you need to share it to multiple media to get it heard. Ensure that your tale is available on every places your target audience is likely to visit or hang-out such as blogs, forums, messages etc. Multitude channels will gauge the interest of your audience and your story will float in the market. Try to be creative and distribute your story into multiple formats at different channels for example, you can have the same story told in the form of inspirational video on YouTube or narrated through a presentation on SlideShare etc. As it is available on many channels, be ready to answer the questions raised by the audience.

Don’t repeat the same story again and again. With time as your company grows you should keep on adding episodes to your old story as this will kill the boredom and will keep your audience simplified on the current changes that are happening in the company.

It is the perfect way to connect with your audience and build a long term relationship. Through storytelling they feel themselves more connected to your brand thus building the credibility of the business. I hope this article help you to narrate your business story in an efficient way.

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